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Cultivate resilient smart Objects for Sustainable city applicatiOnS

  1. In a world of multi-stakeholder information and assets provision on top of millions of real-time interacting and communicating things, COSMOS aims at enhancing the sustainability of smart city applications by allowing IoT based systems to reach their full potential. COSMOS will enable things to evolve and act in a more autonomous way, becoming more reliable and smarter.

INdependent LIving support Functions for the Elderly

  1. IN LIFE concept is to address the challenge of turning existing research efforts to reality for real people across Europe.
  2. Existing flexible ICT solutions could assist elderly users with cognitive impairment in organising, carrying out and completing everyday tasks and constitute essential factors for continuing to be and feel independent. IN LIFE will offer all-around, personalised, multi-faceted existing ICT solutions and services addressing diverse daily activities (eating, physical activity, commuting, mental stimulation, communication, social interaction, etc.) to users with cognitive impairment living in their own home or in sheltered homes, as well as to their formal and informal carers.

IKAAS (Intelligent Knowledge as a Service)

  1. Proyecto del programa H2020, consistente en el desarrollo de una plataforma segura 'Smart City' basada en Big Data y operaciones en nube para la recogida de información de diferentes sensores de Internet de las Cosas (IoT). En el caso de EMT se instalarán sensores de polen y contaminantes en buses para ibtener información de referencia en tiempo real.